A Light Through Coloured Glass available NOW!

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Last month we brought our blu-ray authoring skills to bear on the independent film, A Light Through Coloured Glass. Directed by Mike Clarke, and released by Last Slate Video, the film has already amassed 32 awards and garnered great reviews.

A Light Through Coloured Glass manages to maintain a good amount of optimism within it’s narrative without conforming to a classical Hollywood style ending. A sensitive drama with the hallmarks of British realism


Along with our Blu-ray authoring service, we also arranged for the Blu-ray replication of the discs, providing Last Slate Video with a full and comprehensive service. This has been our first authoring assignment for the client but we’re already in the process of authoring their next release.

This is a film about two people who meet and end up having a significant impact on each other’s life. It is a story about the hardships of life, about friendship, support, self-discovery, regrets and moving on to better things. It suggests that although life can be cruel, with inner strength and the support of others, there is hope for a new start.


Mike Clarke has managed to give us a film as great as he could have dreamed of at this stage in his career and who undoubtedly will go on to achieve a huge amount of success in the years to come as he is easily one of the best film-makers we have seen in recent years outside of the studio system.



If you’re looking to release a film and need Blu-ray authoring or DVD authoring, get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to discuss the process with you.