Chen Style Taiji – DVD Authoring by Post

Currently in production are two titles for Wang Haijun’s Chen Taiji Academy. Post provided the DVD authoring and DVD replication service for both of these titles. The discs are split into three sections each, with the intention that, over the course of watching them and following the techniques, the viewer will learn the ‘New Frame – Routine One‘.

Chen’s Taichi New Frame Routines are part of the Chen Changxing traditional old frame system. It was created by Grand Master Chen Fake – one of the 17th generation ancestor of the Chen family in Chenjiagou. The New Frame routines are different compared to the Old Frame routines in terms of the posture, speed and power of movements as well as body movements. It features extended large postures and low stances and with an emphasis on the smooth circular movements.

Both DVDs have been authored to the PAL standard, Region Free, and will be available for purchase later this month.